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Our Story

“I want to open an early learning centre that can provide the best possible start to life for our kids”; words that went from a conversation with my husband into what is now Little Learners Place. This conversation occurred whilst, what I am sure was a state of delirium being only days away from giving birth to our first child, was born out of a passion for early childhood education. 


As an early childhood teacher in Western Australia’s public schools and a soon to be mum, I was nervous about how I could give my children the best possible start to life; the answer as my husband said “just open your own early learning centre then, stop talking about it, do it right and do it well!”. Three years down the track, plus baby number 2, and with the support of our talented team, we are able to provide a place where families feel welcome and children feel at home. 


The pressures of our modern world have never been greater and our children more immersed in it. Little Learners Place provides every child in our care a sense of family and belonging in our place, allowing them to thrive socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively whilst learning through play, positive social interaction and nature.


With 90% of a child’s brain development happens in the first 5 years of life. Little Learners Place is the Place where children are heard, valued, respected and cherished in those early years; building on your hard work at home. With a strong relationship between home and centre; our children will be getting the best possible start to life.


Welcome to our Place, where Little Learners grow. Come for a visit today!

At Little Learners Place we are proud of:

Delicious, healthy and nutritious meals prepared on site.

Little Lunch Place that allows our learners the opportunity to become involved in preparing meals and cooking experiences

Purpose built and designed indoor and outdoor spaces that immerse children in nature and natural materials

Family Room fosters opportunities to engage in meaningful experiences with their siblings and friends of all ages; learning from one another a range of skills, knowledge and nurturing qualities

Little Art Place that provides children the space to fully immerse themselves in art, to create, get messy and explore

Our degree qualified teachers and experienced and nurturing educators

Engagement within the community via incursions and excursions

Our play based curriculum guided by the National Early Years Learning Framework

We cant wait
for you to become a part of the Little Learners Place Family.

A world of discovery, adventure, exploration, excitement and learning awaits.

Meet the Leadership Team

Aimee Davies

Owner & Director


  • Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood)
  • Western Australian Registered Teacher
  • Provide an emergency first aid response in an education and care setting (HLTAID004)


  • Early Childhood Teacher – Department of Education WA (2010 – 2020)
  • Camp Quality Volunteer (13 years)
  • Senior Instructor – WA Police Rangers (Cadets WA)
  • Previous Childcare Educator
  • Mum of 2 (2016 – Current)

Aimee has worked in the Early Childhood industry as an educator since 2006 having taught young children in the school setting until having her own children. Aimee started Little Learners Place after a discussion with her husband. Being a working mum and finding quality care for her children, combined with her passion for Early Childhood education, motivates her each day to get the best for our families. Aimee’s passion for working with children goes beyond the school setting, as she has for the last 13-14 years volunteered with high school students as a cadet instructor and she has had the privilege of volunteering with the charity Camp Quality, leading and attending events to support children and families living with cancer in Western Australia.

Aimee is driven and determined to ensure that all our children entering Little Learners Place receive the very best quality of care and education, delivered by a passionate team, in a world-class environment.