Early learning centre - haynes

Early Learning Centre

At Little Learners Place Haynes we have designed our early learning centre around our little learners developmental needs; we have done this by creating smaller and more personal spaces. We have worked hard to integrate the indoor and outdoor spaces as one, by creating a free-flowing environment for all using large glass bifold doors that truly allow us to make one blended environment. We transition our children through the different places (age based rooms) when they are showing the readiness to move to the next environment in consultation with parents/guardians.

We like to let our children develop at their pace and ensure they are in the best environment that caters for their learning and wellbeing needs. Your input and wishes are always respected throughout your child’s journey at our Early Learning Centre and we encourage parents/guardians to regularly engage with us about their child’s development

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our spaces

little oak

Our Little Oak room provides your babies with a warm, safe and nurturing home like environment in which they can develop trusting relationships with qualified educators. We believe that a babies learning starts from the day they are born. We strive to nurture your baby’s growth and development by providing them with an exciting and enriching space for them to explore and naturally meet their milestones. Our carefully planned learning areas reflect your babies interests and skills, focusing on physical strength, hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness. This space allows our babies to be the initiators, to be explorers and to be eager to learn what they are ready for in a rich and evolving environment.

wattle blossom & bottle brush

Our Wattle Blossom and Bottle Brush rooms are designed for our Little Learners who are up and on the move. This environment is a safe space for our walkers, carefully considered so developing young children can practice their new skills by engaging in cooperative play, climbing and exploring. This is the stage where your child will start imagining and creating through pretend play, showing they are keen to develop their independence, self-help skills and begin to enjoy shared play experiences. The Educators model and encourage social-emotional interaction which lead to developing and strengthening their growing communication skills and strengthening trusting relationships. Our Wattle Blossom and Bottle Brush rooms are designed to assist with many new transitions and skills including toilet training, sleeping in beds, learning to become more independent and as always continuing to developing trusting relationships with carers and friends

gum nut

Our Gum Nut room provides a warm, happy, safe and supportive environment for our  little learners to explore the world around them. We run a pre kindy program designed to meet the little learners inquisitive nature and that support their learning by providing them with an ever growing and stimulating environment to develop their skills and abilities. The space is set up to enhance children’s language, cognitive and physical skills by providing stimulating learning experiences. We place a focus on the promotion of self-help skills and independence in a fun, play-based environment.


Our Banksia room is the home of our Early Enrichment Program. It is designed with positive, vibrant and challenging intellectual, social, emotional and physical environments that promote a sense of wonder, curiosity and imagination. The Banksia room support risk- taking within a safe and inclusive context as well as promotes messy play in our mud pit as well as the exploration of nature.

Our Early Enrichment Program incorporates the Early Years Learning Framework along with the Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines as designed by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority Western Australia.

The curriculum is used by the educators to expand on our Little Learner’s interests with rich ideas and new opportunities. It extends our Little Learners knowledge, understanding and enjoyment all while working towards enhancing your child’s developmental skills in key learning areas including literacy, numeracy and self-help skills.

During these years Little Learners begin to develop meaningful friendships with each other and we support our Little Learners to continue to develop growing relationships with our Educators, each other and the wider community by providing a supportive and welcoming environment.

Our focus of developing the independence and key learning areas in a fun, engaging and child led play-based manner culminates in our Early Enrichment Program Little Learners graduating together; ready to take on their next learning journey at ‘big school’


west nature space

The West Nature space has been designed to meet the needs of our older Little Learners. The space is challenging, engaging and full of areas for children to create, imagine and explore. We have vegetable gardens, a rainwater tank, creek, fort, natural sand pit, logs and rocks that allow children to be challenged and engaged outside. This Space helps provides our Little Learners with sensible opportunities to develop their physical confidence and their ability to measure and manage small risks while experiencing a sense adventure and excitement under the guidance of our Educators The West Nature Space has been designed so we can take many of our inside experiences out into nature using our large log tables. Our Early Learning Centre is designed to open up using large bifold doors creating a perfect mix for children to flow between the inside and outside world as they see fit. We have a range of mobile equipment that encourage coordination along our bike path and we have a natural grassed area to allow for experiences to be set up to further develop gross motor skills, hand eye co-ordination and so many more opportunities. This space was designed to bring in a real sense of nature into our very own yard. It’s perfect for our older children to find challenge, excitement, wonder and beauty.

east nature space

The East Nature Space has been designed to meet the developmental needs of our younger Little Learners. We have created quiet spaces to share stories and enjoy the natural environment together. We have natural grassed areas to cater for those with increasing physical needs and have established a sustainable vegetable patch with a rainwater tank for the children to use to care for the produce. We have many sensory spaces including paths, music walls, crawl through tunnels and more hidden experiences throughout the East Nature Space. This space has been specially designed to ensure it is natural, creates a sense of wonder, fosters exploration and challenges our Little Learners; encouraging them to acquire new skills. Our East Nature Space offers the perfect environment for babies and children to find challenge, wonder, beauty and joy.


Our Early Enrichment Program curriculum is a school readiness program where children acquire the skills to make a smooth and successful transition into the school environment.

Our program incorporates the Early Years Learning Framework along with the Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines as designed by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority.

The Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines five learning & development areas and related content have been developed specifically for the Kindergarten year in Western Australia using the Early Years Learning Framework. Our programs aims to prepare children for their next learning journey at school by developing skills such as literacy and numeracy.


The curriculum is used by the educators to expand on our Little Learner’s interests with rich ideas and new opportunities. Actively engaging our Learners, arousing their curiosity, and responding to their capabilities will make them more likely to be motivated, curious and feel supported in the learning process.  Our children will learn through play and be encouraged to explore their environment. The curriculum extends children’s knowledge, understanding and enjoyment. We have a focus on developing independence skills alongside our supportive educators that will ease our Little Learners transition to ‘big school’.

Little Art Place

The Little Art Place is a space designed for our Little Learners to be immersed in art, create, get messy, explore with a range materials &  tools as well as provide an opportunity for our Little Learners to express themselves through a range of art forms.

At a young age art plays many important roles. This space will be where children can experiment and create, squishing paint between their fingers, mixing colours and materials, drawing what they see and imagine in a safe and fun environment. The Little Art Place is a studio where our Little Learners can express themselves through music, yoga, relaxation and meditation; it truly is a place where children can be themselves and create all forms of beauty.

The Little Art Place allows for creativity teaching.  Our Little Learners are taught to think creatively, join ideas and establishing problem solving skills. It encourages neural connections as they employ their senses. It gives opportunities for building on fine motor skills, gripping paint brushes, drawing patterns, mixing colours, cutting, controlling, gluing, kneading, rolling, tearing, all increasing dexterity and coordination. It provides an environment made for self-expression, mindfulness and body awareness.

This space is equipped to cater for all ages and will offer hours of creativity, expression, exploration and of course fun for our Little Learners.

Little Lunch Place

The Little Lunch Place is led by our highly skilled and qualified culinary team. We believe that nurturing a child’s development begins with a strong focus on their physical wellbeing and at the heart of this is healthy eating.

The Little Lunch Place serves quality, nutritious, healthy and creative meals for our children. They are prepared fresh on site in our commercial kitchen daily with all dietary requirements or allergies being catered for. We have rotating menus and are always open to feedback and opportunities to add new and interesting meals to our menus that your Little Learners love.

We believe fundamental to the meals experience, is having access to authentic eating utensils which is why at Little Learners Place, children use real cutlery and crockery to help develop their independence and physical motor skills. The result of this is our children create healthy eating habits well beyond Little Learners Place.

Our favourite part about The Little Lunch Place is that it held an important role in the design of our centre and was designed as a key part of our learning experiences. We are passionate about believing children learn best from doing and we believe they respond positively to being involved in the cooking and preparation of their own meals. Little Learners Place was designed around our kitchen being an open space for the children to be involved. We have set up a large kitchen bench area attached to the kitchen where our Little Learners will regularly visit, assist and work with our culinary team to prepare meals, engage in baking and assist with routine mealtime jobs.

Come and check it out for yourself – It is something we are very proud of.

Security Safety and Transparency

Little Learners Place has been designed with the learning journey of our children in mind but their Security, Safety and the Transparency of our Place is crucial to building trust with our families

  • Have strict access control procedures and technology in place

  • Are St John Ambulance Safe (First Aid)

  • Are a Cancer Council Sun Smart Service

  • Work closely with local emergency services

  • Have used high quality glass windows throughout so that parents, educators and children can see and interact through the whole centre

  • Have strict cleaning as well as infection and illness procedures in place


We are located at 2 Donovan Street, Haynes, only 4 minutes from Armadale!

We cant wait for you to become a part of the Little Learners Place Family.