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Early Learning Centre


We are excited to share our beautiful brand new, purpose-built Early Learning Centre with you. We are located on the corner of Newmarket Drive and Rowley Road in the new Canterfield Estate in Hilbert. Our central position makes it the perfect choice for families looking for Childcare in Hilbert and the surrounding areas.

Our approach to childcare and early education is inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy. We provide care and education to children from six weeks to school age.

Your input and wishes are always respected throughout your child’s journey at Little Learners Place and we encourage you to regularly engage with us about your child’s development.

If you have any queries please reach out to us at

new enrolment Special!!

For all new enrolments to Little Learners Place, we are offering a free month at both our Hilbert & Haynes Centres! 

To redeem this offer please enrol through the link below and we will be in touch

our spaces

little oak

Welcome to Our Little Oak room, an early learning center providing a warm, safe, and nurturing environment for your baby's development. Our qualified educators foster trusting relationships with your little ones, understanding that learning begins from birth. With carefully designed learning areas tailored to your baby's interests and skills, we focus on physical strength, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness. Encouraging exploration and curiosity, we provide an enriching environment where babies can naturally meet their milestones and thrive as eager learners.

wattle blossom & bottle brush

Welcome to Our Wattle Blossom and Bottle Brush rooms, designed for our Little Learners who are on the move and actively exploring in our early learning centre. These environments provide a safe space for our young walkers to engage in cooperative play, climb, and explore, fostering the development of new skills. At this stage, your child begins to engage in pretend play, demonstrating a desire for independence and self-help skills. Our educators support this growth by encouraging social-emotional interaction and shared play experiences, enhancing communication skills and building trusting relationships. In our Wattle Blossom and Bottle Brush rooms, we assist with important transitions and milestones such as toilet training, sleeping in beds, and fostering independence, while continuing to nurture trusting relationships with caregivers and peers within our early learning centre

gum nut

Welcome to Our Gum Nut room, where we offer a warm, safe, and supportive environment for our little learners to thrive in our early learning centre. Our pre-kindy program is tailored to nurture their inquisitive nature, providing stimulating experiences to enhance language, cognitive, and physical skills. We prioritize the promotion of self-help skills and independence in a fun, play-based environment, fostering the development of skills and abilities essential for their early learning journey within our early learning centre.


Welcome to Our Banksia room, the hub of our Early Enrichment Program within our early learning centre. Designed with positive, vibrant, and challenging environments, it fosters intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development, promoting wonder, curiosity, and imagination.

Our Early Enrichment Program integrates the Early Years Learning Framework and Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines, providing rich experiences tailored to expand on our Little Learners' interests. This curriculum enhances developmental skills in key learning areas such as literacy, numeracy, and self-help skills, preparing them for their next learning journey.

As Little Learners develop meaningful friendships and relationships, we provide a supportive and inclusive environment to foster growth and connection with educators, peers, and the wider community. Our focus on fun, engaging, and child-led play-based learning prepares Little Learners to graduate together, confidently transitioning to 'big school.'


Our Early Learning Centre Enrichment Program curriculum is a school readiness program where children acquire the skills to make a smooth and successful transition into the school environment.

Our program incorporates the Early Years Learning Framework along with the Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines as designed by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority.

The Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines five learning & development areas and related content have been developed specifically for the Kindergarten year in Western Australia using the Early Years Learning Framework. Our programs aims to prepare children for their next learning journey at school by developing skills such as literacy and numeracy.

We use this framework in all our Centres, including our Sister Centre in Haynes, both located in the Armadale region of Perth

Security Safety and Transparency

Little Learners Place has been designed with the learning journey of our children in mind but their Security, Safety and the Transparency of our Place is crucial to building trust with our families

  • Have strict access control procedures and technology in place

  • Are St John Ambulance Safe (First Aid)

  • Are a Cancer Council Sun Smart Service

  • Work closely with local emergency services

  • Have used high quality glass windows throughout so that parents, educators and children can see and interact through the whole centre

  • Have strict cleaning as well as infection and illness procedures in place


We are located in the new Canterfield Estate in Hilbert, WA 6112

We cant wait for you to become a part of the Little Learners Place Family.

A world of discovery, adventure, exploration, excitement, and learning awaits.