our story

Our centre has been specifically designed as a place where we would want our children to go. A place where children feel a sense of family and belonging, allowing them to thrive socially, emotionally, physically, and cognitively whilst learning through play, positive social interaction and nature.

With this in mind during our design, Little Learners Place is the Place where children are heard, valued, respected and cherished in those early years. With a strong relationship between home and centre; our children will be getting the best possible start to life.

Welcome to our Place, where Little Learners grow. Come for a visit today!

At Little Learners Place we are proud of:

  • Delicious, healthy and nutritious meals prepared in our commercial kitchen

  • Little Lunch Place that allows our learners the opportunity to become involved in preparing meals and cooking experiences

  • Purpose built and designed indoor and outdoor spaces that immerse children in nature and natural materials

  • Little Art Place that provides children the space to fully immerse themselves in art, to create, get messy and explore

  • Engagement within the community via incursions and excursions

  • Play based curriculum guided by the National Early Years Learning Framework and my time our place Framework

  • Our tailored on site OSHC services catering to families at Dale Christian School & Southern Hills Christian College

We cant wait for you to become a part of the Little Learners Place Family.

A world of discovery, adventure, exploration, excitement, and learning awaits.